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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Kerala Tour Packages from Bangalore

Soaked in the incredible beauty of the nature and many interesting sightseeing places, Kerala is the top notch tourist holidaying destination that is most sought after. It is one place in India whose beauty and charm are praised all over the world. It is one ultimate place that you cannot miss to visit once in your lifetime.
Kerala is known for offering all the exquisite places and sightseeing spots for all sorts of vacations and tours. Be it a leisure tour with family members or a weekend holidays with friends or to take a break from the routine life or for a romantic honeymoon holidays, the state of Kerala is known for a destination where every occasion are celebrated with much joy and happiness.

Well if you are from Bangalore and looking forward to tour Kerala, Global Vision Tours brings you many exciting and exclusive packages for just honeymoon and family vacationers. There are many other packages listed under Kerala tour packages from Bangalore in their official website [check gvt website]. You can choose from the many varieties of packages that differ in budget and also in tour to places. So just choose the package that would fit to your choice and budget and enjoy a dream holidays in Kerala under the well organized services and assistance of Global Vision Tours.

Global Vision Tours is a leading tour operator for Kerala holidays and trip and so the company has always offered best of its services to its clients who sort their services for any sort of tour in this state. From leisure tour to adventurous wildlife tour or a romantic honeymoon tours, Kerala tour packages from Bangalore offered by GVT are always high on demand by tourists preferring tour from Bangalore to Kerala. The company this year is also providing 5% discount on every package for those tourists who have earlier made tour with Global Vision Tours booking their package for any travel destinations in India as well as abroad India Holiday Planner.

So what are you waiting for? Just choose the package of your choice and enjoy an incredible holidays this picturesque state Kerala, India (more info).

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kerala Tour Packages from Delhi

Kerala is a place known to the world for its magical natural beauty that never fails to grab the heart in its control. It is one of the most visited destinations in India where tourists from across the world gather to soak in the splendor of the nature as well as to spend some memorable time exploring the beauty of the place in a much delightful way.

Well to make the tour in this exotic Kerala, one has to plan the tour much in advance as there are many exciting places and in order to explore all, you can mess up the tour totally. So it is advisable for one and all to plan the tour with any of the leading tour operator. If you are planning tour from Delhi you can choose from the many exciting Kerala tour packages from Delhi that are available with the leading tour operator or just drop to any leading tour operator in the market or in your locality. But to ensure you fast and speedy booking you can also go for online booking facilities as you can check the rate, discounts as well as plan the tour according to your time and budget (Check the link..).

Delhi is the hub of tour operators and so there are many tour operators providing their services in this city not just for Kerala but for many other tour destinations. But you have to get going with the leading company who provide exclusive services for Kerala. Well when I was about to go for a tour to this state, I preferred Global Vision Tours a leading tour operator which has office in Delhi as well as in Cochin Travel Agency in India. This made me trust on this company much more as I got the support from Delhi as well as after reaching Kerala as Cochin in the main city in this state. The services, facilities, assistance and more of all the hospitality of the company was simply outstanding that help me achieve my dream holidays in this beautiful Kerala which is known to the World as God’s Own Country India Holiday Consaultant.

I don’t know with which company you are going to plan your tour, but as far my experience I would always suggest you to choose this particular company, Global Vision Tours whose motto is to let everyone enjoy their dream holidays in an enjoyable and delightful way [check gvt website].

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tailor Made Kerala Trip Package At Your Reach

It is well said “Well Beginning is half done” and the same goes with any work that is well planned or well start. Talking about tour to any tourist destination, it is good to plan ahead and start packing the essential things a week before you actually set for the tour. But that is not all enough to make the tour hassle free or enjoyable, but to make it more interesting and well organize; one has to book the tour package if travelling with family members of with someone special or with your better half. Coming to the point of travelling in Kerala, the state so much renowned for its appealing beauty and attractions, it has many amazing places of interest that makes it the hot and most sought after place for holidays and tours. So it is better to for tours choosing from the many exciting Kerala trip packages that are ideal to make the tours and holidays in Kerala more enjoyable and delightful (please click here...).

Kerala trip packages come in various standards to meet the requirement of the tourists as well as the budget and they with such a wide option, tourists can easily plan their trip with hassle free. From standard to affordable packages, for Kerala trip, there are many other luxury packages, standard packages and more of all premium packages that makes the tour more enjoyable as they come with high quality services and standards that make gives you a truly different essence and experience of touring Kerala with a special and luxury package India Holiday Consaultant .

There are many other special and tailor made package for honeymoon couples that offer incredible option for holidays and tours. Honeymoon packages are always put in the account to make it special for couples and thus it comes with high standard and services are really worth to praise. With the special honeymoon package, you can enjoy the most beautiful time of your life with you special someone in the most romantic and delightful way. Just choose the package according to your choice and budget and explore the alluring charm of Kerala with much joy and luxury (for more details).

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