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Friday, 4 January 2013

Backwaters Tours, Tour Packages Of Kerala Backwater Houseboats

Over the years, the state of Kerala has become the most sought after and renowned tour and travel destination in Asia. It is not only known for its rich and magical therapy of Ayurveda but the inviting and appealing beauty of the nature have played an important role to shape the economy of the place as well as it have helped a lot in the flourish for the incredible charm of Kerala that was hidden isolated in South India. Now over decades, Kerala is one of the most sought after place and it is visited by tourists and holiday makers from across the globe. Today is it the most beautiful region of India with maximum output from the tourism sector (please click here...).

Kerala has so many appealing charms and beauty to tempt tourists, but the major part and attractions, the state is mostly renowned for its backwater tourism which has a long glorious story to tell you. The long strip of backwaters are magnificently fringed by the swaying coconut and palm trees that allure and invite hundreds and thousands of tourists for a backwater tours, which is one of the important things that you cannot miss to do while you are here in Kerala (Just Click).

Along the bank of the backwater, there are so many dazzling houseboat beautiful lined and adorned in a traditional charm, though having all the modern facilities. The houseboats of Kerala displays the rich and cultural beauty that has a long story to tell as it glides slowly thought the picturesque backwater. Enjoy the cruise and experience the harmonious beauty of the nature which is beyond the scope of words to describe Travel Consultants India.

Kerala has not only the backwaters and houseboats, but the beautiful tourist places, sprawling tea gardens, breathtaking waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna and more importantly the rich culture and traditions all make Kerala the most beautiful part of India which is ideal for all sort of tours and vacations. Come and enjoy the most beautiful part of the nature here and take home incredible memories to relish in forever [check gvt website].

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